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Bring Controllers to FC!

Jan. 19th, 2010 | 09:52 pm
posted by: syrus_draco in ssbb_furs

To all going to FC,

Don't forget to bring your own controller!

Whether it's for the official FC Smash tournament or for games with others, always smart to pack your own controller.

Also may be smart to put your name on your controller as well.

With so many people at the con playing Smash, sharing controllers, it's can be easy to lose track of which one is yours. There's no Smash Bros party for our group this year around.

Have fun and see you all there.

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Pre-FC2010 Brawl Party Details

Jan. 12th, 2010 | 08:41 am
posted by: keto_galin in ssbb_furs

The ssbb_furs group, thanks to drex150 , will be holding a Pre-FC Brawl Party!

So we've got at least 9 or 10 people interested. This sounds like a good amount of people for a little shindig in a little hotel room. I personally think this is enough, but if you guys want more, just say so, and we'll start spreading the word even more!

This'll be a fun gathering for some socializing, gaming, and possibly a little bit of booze and snacks.

Let's kick off FC 2010 with a bang!

When: January 20, 2010 | Wednesday | Approx: 6:00pm - Whenever it Ends

Where: San Jose Fairmont Hotel (The Main Con Hotel) | Room Number: Will be announced on the day of, in the afternoon (Drex arrives around 3pm). But I will also be making phone calls to announce the room number. See "Contact" below for more details.

What to do: Consider this a potluck. Bring drinks (either alcoholic or non-alcoholic), food, snacks, DS systems (especially if you have Meteos <3), and anything else that you want that is safe and legal. ;) I'm also thinking of having people pitch in some money for some pizza!

Drex also only has 2 gamecube controllers. So we actually need 2 MORE GAMECUBE CONTROLLERS. I'm pretty sure with 9 or 10 of you guys coming, that we can scurry up 2 more. :) We'd really appreciate it!

Contact: Feel free to contact me at: . If possible, please PM me your cel phone number via My FA Page if you are interested in attending, that way I can call you to inform you of the room number and confirm the time and confirm your attendance. If you're not comfortable passing me your cel phone number, don't worry about it, and just try to keep close to LJ for the posted room number and any changes (if any).

List of Furs Who Plan To Attend:
- Keto
- Drex
- Rikoshi
- Tahoe
- Wolfysims (Maybe)
- Gamer Wolf
- Raz
- Nemmy
- Deusexbestia
- JD Puppy
- Syrus
- Frostcat (maybe)
- Anuvia (maybe)

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Jan. 10th, 2010 | 04:27 pm
posted by: keto_galin in ssbb_furs

Wednesday the 20th
Main Con Hotel

Interested in Pre Brawl Party?

Dex is willing to host!

Seriously, if you're going to FC, LET US KNOW YOU ARE INTERESTED.

EDIT: Drex said there may be BOOZE

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Pre-FC Brawl Party?

Dec. 4th, 2009 | 09:18 pm
posted by: drex150 in ssbb_furs

Heya guys!

So, I wanted to go to FC a day early (Wednesday the 20th) so I could be at the con as it starts the next day. I decided to get a room in the main hotel for just that one night because I'm rooming with others the rest of the con. So I had a question for you all. How many of you would be interested in a Brawl party in my room Wednesday night? I just want to know if this would generate enough interest to actually put time into planning it.

How many of you guys will be at the hotel, or in the area on the 20th and would be interested in a Brawl party? If it sounds like something you'd be interested in, post here, message me on the IRC channel, or note me on FA (drex150) when it's back up heh. Everyone is invited, and maybe if I'm feeling generous there will be free alcohol, soda, and snacks as well. =P

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PS Party (Prancing Skiltaire Party)

Nov. 13th, 2009 | 09:10 pm
posted by: keto_galin in ssbb_furs

So the PS party is tomorrow (Garden Grove, California). Anybody here attending?

Drex is bringing Brawl, and boy do I miss it, and damn am I ready to play again!

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Balanced Brawl

Jul. 10th, 2009 | 09:58 am
posted by: keto_galin in ssbb_furs

Source: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=239604


So some hackers, who are also Smash Bros Brawl fans have hacked Brawl, and changed things up. There's "Brawl Plus" and there's "Balanced Brawl"..... We have Brawl Plus, but I think Balanced Brawl has a better goal.

Unfortunately I haven't tried Balanced Brawl... YET. Above is the summary in a nutshell, for character changes. Obviously, it's not perfect to everyone's preference...for example, they took out tripping. I LIKE tripping. BUT they made Mario's air down smash stronger, which it SHOULD be.

As far as Brawl Plus goes, It's downloadable, free, and works well. I assume Balanced Brawl would be similar in this fashion.

Just thought you guys might be interested. ;)

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Anthrocon SSB Tournament Needs Help

Jun. 27th, 2009 | 01:17 pm
location: Rue de Bullion, Montreal
mood: inquisitive
posted by: delmir in ssbb_furs

Hey yawl! The AC Smash Brothers tournament needs help! As of last night there was only one system (and I suppose, only one game) in the games room. That would make for a veeerry slow tournament, I think!

Ideally there'd be four complete setups. Would anyone be able to help out with lending a Wii, game, or any kind of controller? (Note: Jaguar controllers will not be accepted)

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High Def Brawl?

Mar. 28th, 2009 | 03:31 pm
posted by: havoc_raptor in ssbb_furs

Surprised this wasnt posted here-- looks like a Wii Emulator can do a bangup job of running brawl in pretty-pretty defintion :O


Vid after the cutCollapse )

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Happy Birthday Brawl

Mar. 10th, 2009 | 11:29 pm
posted by: syrus_draco in ssbb_furs

One Year old today!

Reminds me of waiting in line for the midnight release, grabbing the game and rushing home and playing till the late hours of the night.. then calling in work the next day to play it even more!!!

More years of Brawl to come =]

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IRC bots are fun.

Mar. 3rd, 2009 | 06:37 pm
posted by: 0r30 in ssbb_furs

<+Flux_teh_Fox> @dice 6d6
<+Plas> @coin
<+Flux_Bot> Flux_teh_Fox: 6, 5, 5, 1, 5, and 3
<+Flux_Bot> Plas: heads
<+Plas> @coin
<+Flux_Bot> Plas: heads
<+Flux_teh_Fox> @coin
<+Flux_Bot> Flux_teh_Fox: heads
<+Flux_teh_Fox> WTH?!
<+Plas> @coin
<+Flux_Bot> Plas: tails
<+Oreo_wolf> @dice 6d2
<+Flux_Bot> Oreo_wolf: Error: Dice can't have fewer than 3 sides.
<+Alchandrenix> for a second there I thought we were gonna make me do something based on a coin toss
<+Oreo_wolf> haha, I break the rules. :P
<+Syrus_Draco> @___@
<+Flux_Bot> Syrus_Draco: Error: "___@" is not a valid command.
<+Oreo_wolf> !!!!!
<+omnibahumut> lmao
<+Flux_teh_Fox> XD

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