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Smashing and Brawling Furs -- Super Smash Brothers
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An LJ community for furs to get together online to play and discuss Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Check out the main Smashing and Brawling Furries website at: http://www.bluekanine.com/ssbb_furs/

Welcome to the Super Smash Brothers: Brawl for Furries. This is an LJ community dedicated to helping furs gather online together to discuss and play.

This is a place for all ranges of players, from the beginner, to the pro. We want to encourage all kinds of matches going on, from 1 on 1 pro brawls, to full 4-player beginner games, target and home run contests, and everything in between. We want this community to be welcoming to all players.

In the future, depending on the growth of this community and interest, tournaments may be organized, maybe with prizes of some sort. It all depends on you guys, the members.

Common sense of courtesy and respect is expected. So please, enjoy, spread the word of this LJ community, and let the brawling begin! (lawl for cheesy statement)

If you wish to fill out a personal information sheet for the roster, check out the entry page here:
Super Smash Furry Brawl Roster:

But preferably, please visit the website, and submit your information there.